Weather in Bulgaria in Balchik in January. Palace of the Romanian Queen Maria at night.

If you visit the coast of Bulgaria in January, did not forget to take a warm jacket, as this is the coldest month of the year, with an average temperature from 3 ° C to 6 ° C of heat, and it can fall even to -10 ° C in the coldest nights within a month.

Weather in Bulgaria in February. The sculpture of the stones on the beach in Balchik.

February is a month, at the beginning of which the nature is still in the grip of winter, and the temperature can fall to -10 ° C. But in the second half, once the sun looks out, the thaw begins. In the coastal areas it is hard to see the snow.

Weather in Bulgaria in March. Gulls on the coast of Balchik.

Spring gets into Bulgaria with the approach of March and this means that the temperature begins to creep up slowly. The duration of the solar day is increasing, accounting 7 hours per day for an average in March, so the summer is not far away.

Weather in Bulgaria in April. The University Botanical Garden in Balchik.

In April, the air temperature begins to creep up, not falling below 12 ° C, and reaching a maximum of 25 ° C on separate days. The trees and the grass green and please the eye.

Weather in Bulgaria in May. Blooming rose in the Botanical Garden in Balchik.

The tourist season starts with the advent of May . This is definitely a great time to visit Bulgaria, with a very pleasant average temperature of 18 ° C, which reaches a maximum of 23 ° C during the hottest days of the month.

Weather in Bulgaria in June. The Botanical Garden in Balchik.

June is a popular time for rest. The weather in Bulgaria is warm enough to enjoy all that you would expect from a summer vacation, but without the crowds of tourists who will arrive in the next months.

Weather in Bulgaria in July. A pavilion in the garden of the Romanian Queen Maria.

July is the peak of the summer season, which means that thousands of tourists flock on the coast of Bulgaria.

Weather in Bulgaria in August. Flowers in the Botanical Garden in Balchik.

August in Bulgaria is one of the hottest months. The air temperature near the coast of Varna, Burgas and Balchik can reach 32-35 degrees, but the cool breeze from the sea makes it quite comfortable. A water temperature near the coast of Bulgaria is about 25-26 degrees.

Weather in Bulgaria in September

We must say that September is the best month for a holiday in Bulgaria. It is called the Velvet season not without reason.

Weather in Bulgaria in October. Stairs to the sea in Balchik.

October is the last official month of a summer season on the coast, and the average air temperature in Bulgaria, which can be expected, is very impressive.

Weather in Bulgaria in November. Collection of cactuses in the Botanical Garden in Balchik. Kalanchoe.

Winter is approaching, and the tourist season officially takes a break until next summer. After all, the weather in Bulgaria in November is damp and unpredictable.

Weather in Bulgaria in December. Night quay in Balchik.

The last and most festive month of the year don't hurry to bring the full winter in the region. Weather in Bulgaria in December, especially on the coast, is characterized by instability.